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Wholesale LED Lights

Client Name :­ Wholesale LED Lights
Website :­

Before we start SEO :
1) Website hit by Penguin 3.1
2) There was no ranking for any keywords in Search Engines
3) Website was not mobile responsive.
4) Very thin contents on website.

Our Recommendations/ After SEO Result
1) Develop Mobile Responsive Website
2) We remove low quality backlinks.
3) Add Quality onpage contents.
4) Create new quality backlinks.
5) Started ranking for keywords.

A Story of Penguin Recovery with Responsive Planning and Execution – Wholesale LED Lights

Google Penguin is the worst nightmare for any commercial website today and this proved fatal for Wholesale LED Lights (, when they approached YesWeUs for a recovery plan of action. They have already performed some unintended low quality Search Optimization earlier, and were victims of online fraudsters promising big and doing nothing better for the website. A website which was getting an average of 35000 visitors per month through organic search got hard hit by Penguin 3.1 and crashed to almost 50% of the figure.

YesWeUs analyzed the website thoroughly and identified the bottlenecks that affected the site due to Penguin 3.1 hit. Moreover, we have suggested them to make the website mobile ­friendly, clean low quality backlinks and change the thin contents on the website as a part of our plan of action for recovery. None of the major keywords were found on Google ranking when we started handing this website for recovery and web ranking.

As a strategic intervention our efforts started from making the website SEO friendly and mobile responsive. We, at YesWeUs, redesigned the website with change of On­page contents for a better user experience. We also removed the low quality backlinks and filled the gap with high ­quality, user informative backlinks. With clean ­coded website, mobile responsiveness, quality On­page optimization, refreshed on­page contents and high quality backlinks the website ­ started gaining ranks on search engines gradually, while recovering from the effects of Penguin. Within a span of 3 months the website crossed a milestone of 39000 visitors with 28000+ new visitors through organic search.

Check out the Google Analytics graph to review the actual results of this successful Penguin recovery.

Comparison of Last Two Months Analytics Report